Who We Are

In 2004, PAB Wholesale began by selling sunglasses and other sundry goods door-to-door to stores across Ontario.  The name PAB is derived from the initials of the town where the owners of the company first met, Pointe au Baril.

Within ten years, the company expanded by selling snack foods to retail shops, convenience stores, gas stations, and grocery markets.   SmokeStyle Meats is the proprietary brand of shelf stable meat snacks, such as jerky, meat sticks, landjaeger, sausages and more.  HomeStyle Sweets is the proprietary brand of sweet snacks, featuring brittle, fudge, beernuts, toffee, caramels, and candies. 

PAB Eyewear is a brand of quality, fashionable sunglasses available in both regular and polarized lenses.  These products can be found in over a thousand locations across Ontario, as well as in other provinces in Canada.



  • 1-(705)-366-2700
  • info@pabwholesale.com


  • 1675 Highway 69
  • Pointe au Baril, ON
  • P0G 1K0

Pab Wholesale Inc.